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    This will be the final version. This app was developed many years ago using Android 2.2 SDK. Most of the APIs used are deprecated and it is increasingly difficult to maintain it, it would be easier to rewrite the entire app. Just to compile this version, I even had to bump up the minimum supported SDK

    This app required rooted device as well as BusyBox to be installed. The busybox binaries must be located in the system path.

    The app will automatically start cron.d service and set it to run on boot. cron is a useful service that can be used to automate processes such as backing up SMSes in the night, deleting files, sending automated emails, switching on or off bluetooth/wifi/silent mode at certain hours/days and so on.

    You can enter in standard linux cron commands in the text field and enable it. The format of the commands is identical to crontab.


    53 00 * * 7 /bin/sh /home/root/bin/server-backup
    * 4 * * * rm -rf /sdcard/Downloads/*
    30,59 * * * * ls -al

    Note: If you are not familiar with cron, please do not use this app. cron is a powerful tool that can also be used to steal data or wipe out data on your phone. Do not blindly copy commands that you do not understand. I am not responsible for any losses that may arise from the use of this app.

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