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    With DailyNote, you can write down each day what was important to you, or what you want to remember of the events that happened to you.

    This application helps you to:
    - write a personal diary
    - report your professional activities
    - track your sport's performance (daily tracking, ...)
    - follow up the status of you personnal projects
    - write a journal of holiday while traveling
    - keep updated your log book (sailor, aviator, ...)
    - write your own biography
    - write a bullet journal
    - ... and much more: it's up to you !

    DailyNote application features the following:
    - quick access to the note for the current day
    - list previous notes (number of items to display can be customized)
    - access to any day's note
    - search for notes starting from any date
    - search for notes containing a word (or group of words)
    - synchronization with the online web application: (requires to create a free account)

    With your free account on you can also:
    - access you notes from any computer, or mobile device
    - import and export your notes
    - synchronize with online server (with smart sync: optimise the way each daily note is sync to limit data transfer)

    and that's not all, more features to come soon:
    - monthly and yearly notes, to sum up and keep track of the major event and main items of your daily notes
    - view statistics on your own notes
    - and you can submit any new feature that would be useful to you !

    - some icons are provided by

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