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    Manage each of your days as a project and let your phone calculate your planning or your team planning. You have simply enter the planned activities (tasks), their order and duration, your phone will calculate your schedule and margins for each activity and may present it to you in several ways: sorted lists, Gantt chart, dependencies diagram, week or month synthesis...

    But you can also fix the time of some tasks, add events and notes, add additional links between tasks and events ... and then define tasks that follow, overlap, or are conducted in parallel ...

    And as your day activities do not always end before midnight, they may extend into the night or the next morning, you can manage 36 hours days!

    You may also define periodic tasks and events which will placed at a defined time with a defined priodicity, and you may able to update each occurence.

    The tasks of each day will be handled with the project management techniques, you have the margins calculation, the critical path, the Gantt chart and a dependencies diagram.

    All data entered will be stored in a database, and you can view summaries by day, month and overall. This is not a traditional calendar, but you can also use it as calendar if you have to handle parallelism or nightlife ...

    Examining the program and its help you will see many other features: automatic management of tasks chaining, the definition of types of tasks with a color code, the ability to check or disable a task, the definition of day labels and repetitive rest days ...

    And save and restore functions will allow to not lose all data in case of problem or to transfer them to another phone.

    More, you can save yours plannings as PDF files that you can transfer in order to display or print them.

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