You want to give a presentation and need to track the time ? In situations when you're nervous, you need something simple. Therefore, DayDreamTimer is tuned to be as simple as possible and comes with no unnessecary functions.

    After installation you find DayDreamTimer in Settings > Display > Daydream. Simply enable DayDreamTimer as your screensaver and choose when to start (e.g. when docked or when plugged).

    Some minutes before your presentation connect your mobile to your notebook. The Daydream will show up automatically. You can also start it manually. Swipe from the lower left corner to set the duration of your presentation. Tap the lower right corner to delete. When you start to talk hit the timer, so that it resets. The size of the timer automatically adjusts to your screen width.

    If you have less than four minutes left, the timer will turn yellow. During the last minute and beyond the timer turns red to indicate you should come to an end.

    You're afraid to forget to mute your mobile ? DayDreamTimer does it for you - just in case you forget it. On the other hand, incoming calls will end the daydream and therefore disrupt the timer. To be save you should enable the flight mode.

    Furthermore, in very dark environment the backlight is automatically disabled.

    If you want to support me, please buy my daydream NightDream.

    Attention: The first, who sends me screenshots of the app running on a tablet, gets a free copy of NightDream.

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