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    DEVANDY hANDY DEVelopment tool for app designers.

    Devandy is a collection of links to a range
    of development tools useful to me for
    Android app development.

    Google Developer: Links to the portal for
    uploading and listing apps on Google Play.
    Use this to monitor how many downloads you
    have ahad and keep the directory of Google
    Play up to date. Login the first time.

    Amazon Developer: Same as Google above but
    for Amazon (Kindle etc)
    Amazon Associates: For creating amazon ads
    that link to your assiciate account

    Admob Home: The (new) Admob homepage for
    managing your Admob advertising
    Admob Forum: Discussion and help about Admob
    Twitter Developer: You cannot link to

    Twitter from applications without generating
    a key- this is where you manage your apps
    that use Twitter feeds

    BIZ.NF: I'm not on commission for this!
    However it's a good place to host a website

    URL Redirection:
    can redirect where you want again for free

    Projects- Link here to check over
    and edit your Andromo apps online. Login
    once and Android remembers next time
    Forum- Discuss and troublshoot your
    application questions here

    Opera Developer: If Opera accepts one of
    your apps - thats as good as getting an
    Oscar sez me!

    Email me if you have any comments - such as
    for example, oh I don't know....why did you
    make this app if its only about links...
    (sigh) :)

    Carl Clwydian

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