Diesel Cafe Wifi Autologin




    This is for Diesel Cafe: 257 Elm St, Somerville, MA 02144

    If you pay for wifi at Diesel Cafe and want to have your phone use the wifi without you opening up the browser and logging in every time, then this app is for you.

    First you install this app and enter your credentials for the wireless. Then every time you are in the cafe, when your phone connects to the wifi, it will give your credentials automatically to the wifi. You will be online seamlessly so you will even forget there is a login.

    Reasons to get this app:

    1. Save money on your data plan. (So you can donate!)
    2. Spend more time working and less time logging in
    3. Support a Davis Square resident! Just buy me a coffee and I'll give you the app!

    This app is not made my Diesel Cafe. It is made by Joseph Paul Cohen who is not affiliated with Diesel Cafe in any way.

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