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    Diskometer is a handy app for dimension measurements. You can measure length, width, size, ratio, angle, area, arc length of objects. You can use camera in the app to take a picture or upload picture form the gallery to do measurements on it. You would need a circular reference with known size to preform measurements. App can be used as a ruler or tape measure.

    Most common reference objects like DVD/CD, coins, etc. are included in the application. Moreover you can use your own custom circular objects with known size to perform measurements.


    - FreeHand-Mode - measure an object in any direction.
    - Angle-Mode - measure length, area and angle on an object in any direction and compare sizes to each other.
    - Area Mode - measure irregular shaped area

    Metric and Imperial Units are supported: meter, millimeter, centimeter, foot, inch. Relative (to reference) measurements are possible as well.

    Following measurement of a circle are possible in the app:
    - arc length, angle, radius, sector and segment measurements

    Depending on the distance to an object with this camera measure app you can achieve millimeter resolution:

    The app can be used in wide range of applications to measure: discs, saw blade, circular saw, rim, wheel, brake shoe, bearing, roller bearing, ring and nut.

    It can be best applied for measurement saw parameters, such as pitch, sawblade tooth back, face, rake and clearance angle, spacing, gullet.

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