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    Do Not Disturb - the 21st Century answering machine built for smart phones.

    Do Not Disturb (DND) is your electronic personal secretary or personal assistant keeping family, friends and colleagues informed. With just a few clicks, DND silently intercepts your incoming calls and text messages then sends an Automatic text response to inform cell phone users WHY you are busy. Your phone is quiet during the DND session and then AUTOMATICALLY restores ringer volume and vibration settings when the time is up. Land-lines calls do not receive the text message, but all incoming calls are diverted to your voice mail. The one-touch callback feature in the application easily allows you to return missed calls. Read and reply to text messages at your leisure.

    Did you ever go to a movie, a meeting, church, or other event and forget to turn your phone back on for hours? Have you ever left your phone on because you worried that you would forget to turn it back on? When you couldn't answer the phone because you were busy, how many times did they keep calling back or worry when they couldn't reach you? Do Not Disturb is the app for you!

    Use DND when you are...
    - Too busy to answer phone calls or immediately respond to incoming text messages
    - Sleeping odd hours when working Shift work
    - In a quiet place and can’t be interrupted
    - In a meeting and can’t be disturbed
    - In a busy or noisy place where you may not hear the ringer or feel the vibration
    - Driving or performing other tasks that require your full attention
    - Spending quality time with family and friends
    - Away from your phone or service area (Gym, sporting activities, etc.) as long as your phone remains in a service coverage area

    Do Not Disturb …
    - Allows you to select from 150+ predefined Reasons and preset times. (Default times can be easily modified.)
    - Silences the ringer and vibrator and automatically restores both to previous settings at the End Time or when stopped
    - Rings very softly or vibrates once for calls/messages received from numbers on your White List allowing you the option to answer.
    - Sends a text message automatically to callers and those sending text messages to tell them WHY you are busy.
    - Allows you the option to automatically Post to Facebook or Tweet to Twitter the reason you are busy.

    - 150+ Predefined reasons grouped into convenient Categories
    - Four one-touch predefined time periods for when you are too busy to even pick a reason!
    - Flag reasons as FAVORITES for quicker selection
    - Disable reasons which may not apply to you
    - Customize response messages for any of the predefined reasons
    - Change the default time duration for any reason
    - Add up to five of your own custom reasons
    - CALL LOG for one-touch redialing of missed calls
    - HISTORY LOG listing the latest 50 Do Not Disturb active sessions. This log allows parents to monitor their child's responsible cell phone use while at school, driving, etc
    - Automatic text can be turned off if you have a limited text plan. Still enjoy the feature of silencing your phone for a preset amount of time.

    Reclaim control of your phone and your life! Do Not Disturb - keeping you connected on YOUR terms!

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