Forget about the block-note and the pen, this App is a very simple and easy to use notes taker: let it be text or photo, or even extract text from photo (OCR). And many other interesting features. You can also listen to those notes (audio notes) and share them.
    Read more and see the desktop version from

    *** NEW: Input using voice recognition instead of typing ***
    *** NEW: Menu button with many options ***
    *** NEW: UI enhanced ***
    *** NEW: Offline mode is now available! ***

    *** IMPORTANT:
    The App is still under development, this is just an alpha release.

    *** Feel free to contact us for any feedback or feature request:

    *** Some Limitations / Known Bugs:
    1) You must have a camera in your Android device. Non-camera devices support is coming soon!
    2) "Add text from picture" works in offline mode but won't let you see the picture and its text until Synced online.
    3) When opening for the first time in offline mode, picture description won't be loaded until connected to the internet.
    4) English support only.
    5) OCR in English only. Arabic & more languages coming soon!

    *** Change Log ***

    *** October 29th, 2012:
    1) Major UI upgrade.
    2) Fixed small issues.
    3) Fix: Sign in issue.

    *** October 25th, 2012:
    1) Use voice recognition to input text instead of writing
    2) Menu button contains some useful tools such as switch account, sign out, and sync now.
    3) UI enhanced & refined

    *** October 24th, 2012:
    1) Fixed: Crash on restart phone or force quit the App.
    2) Fixed: In Text note modification and TTS.
    3) New: removed the limitation of 5000 character in text note.

    *** October 23rd, 2012:
    1) Fixed: Loading offline text or OCRed images.

    *** October 22nd, 2012:
    1) New: Offline mode support.
    2) New: Extract text from photos.
    3) New: Listen to your notes and share them.

    *** October 1st, 2012:
    This is the initial alpha release, nothing big you can expect here except if you are interested to test out the App.

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