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    Have you ever had troubles trying to write something down quickly? Just trying to punch in couple of words, but missed proper apps, or had troubles with the ones you have? Well, your problems are over now ;)

    "Easy Notepad" is easy, fast, clean, feature rich notepad, that you can use to store any piece of text. From shopping lists, to your personal thoughts.

    It's super easy to navigate and manage data. It automatically saves whatever you write in. It doesn't bother you with any buttons, dialogs, or any irrelevant inputs. It can be password protected. It can auto lock after certain amounts of time. You can even chose a font for your notes. It has a nice clean design, that let's you concentrate on what's really important.

    Just try it out ;)

    *** Usage:
    - Everything you write in is saved automatically.
    - Use preferences to set a password. When correct pass is entered the notepad will unlock itself. No need for pressing any buttons.
    - Fling to navigate through pages. right-to-left - forward, left-to-right - back.
    - Fling from up-to-down to delete a page.
    - Fling from left-to-right on the first page (or press a button on options menu) to navigate to the contents.
    - Fling from right-to-left (or press a button on options menu) to navigate to the pages.
    - Set autolock timeout. When minimized (home button is pressed) the app will lock, when timeout is passed.
    - Chose from different fonts in the preferences menu (more fonts to come!).

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