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    Easy Password Storage keeps your passwords safe but accessible. One master password protects and encrypts all of your valuable information. Wifi, Local or Cloud sync keeps your passwords up to date. Seriously cross platform, available on: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac OS X, Firefox OS, Windows and Windows Phone.

    Your passwords are protected with your choice of two military grade encryption types with up to 448 bit encryption: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Blowfish.

    Simply create a username and a master password. Your master password is then used to access all of your other passwords. Keep your master password safe: for security purposes there is no way for us to access or recover it.

    Need to sync with another device? Easy Password Storage is cross platform and extremely secure. See the FAQ below for easy cloud setup and more technical security details.

    -Encrypted cloud backup and sync to desktop and mobile
    -WiFi sync between devices (requires Mac OS X or Windows version)
    -One click to copy password and launch website
    -Military grade encryption
    -Instant search
    -View alphabetically or by category
    -Notes section for additional data
    -Generate secure passwords
    -Import and export passwords
    -Multiple users
    -Use it for passwords, credit cards, any important data

    Try it today, and never forget a password again!


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    How many devices can I use this app on?

    This purchase works on all of your devices that use the same Google Play account. A separate purchase is required for other operating systems.

    How do I sync my phone/tablet with another device?

    On your first device:
    1) Open Easy Password Storage
    2) Create an account and log in
    3) Click the gear icon for settings
    4) From the Cloud section, create a free cloud account and log in

    On your second device (separate purchase required for non-Android devices):
    1) Open Easy Password Storage
    2) Create an account using the same Username, Master Password and Encryption Type as your first device
    3) Click the Cloud icon
    4) Log in to your cloud account

    Now your devices will sync every 2-3 minutes. Repeat the second steps with any other devices you want to sync.

    How secure are your cloud servers?

    Our cloud servers are completely blind. Absolutely no one but you can access your passwords because they are encrypted on your device before being sent over a secure SSL connection. We can't recover, view, share or decrypt them even if we wanted to!

    Can I store my passwords offline?

    Yes, using the cloud is completely optional. You can sync your passwords offline using encrypted text exports or within your local network using WiFi.

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