In a common restaurant, you need to patiently wait the waiter serves you. This usually causes dissatisfaction by delays in care.
    To address this, we created the EasyAssist!
    It has several features that will facilitate your attendance at restaurants that use the system.
    Check it out:
    Through an app installed on your smartphone EasyAssist, follow the steps in the home screen.

    They are just three steps:

        1. Turn on the WiFi on your smartphone and connect to the wireless network of the restaurant. Data access of the wireless network are usually fixed in visible places.
        2. Once connected, touch the "Read QRCode". With this, the smartphone's camera is activated.
       3.  Use the camera to frame the picture of the QRCode * that is found in the consumption’s card or on the table of the establishment.
         NOTE: Once the image is validated by the QRCODE application, you will see a screen with groups and products to make your order.

    Now just place your order without to need to call the waiter. Ah, but if you have questions and need help from the waiter, it’s not necessary to look for him to call, simply touch the button "Call Waiter" and he will be notified to your table to guide you and solve your doubts !
    What are you expecting ? Download now, it's free!
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