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    For easy and rapid manage of SQLite databases. Designed for simple database use.

    You can manage SQLite databases without any knowledge of SQLite queries. This menu driven app queries a chosen database for you in different ways, by some tap on some chosen button. For more advanced use: You can input your own SQLite queries, to query your databases in your own ways. EasyDB' is perfect to use for to easily structure, store and rapidly access, the text and numerical data you need. The record display is scrollable in both horizontal and vertical direction (when needed).

    Import and export chosen databases from and to a sdcard attached to your device.
    Create new SQLite databases from scratch, or begin with some database template, (shipped with this app).
    Basic database editing: Delete a database, rename a database, add, edit, insert, and delete database records, add and delete database table columns.
    Basic search, sort and display of database records.
    Choose among different basic criteria for when the search string you input, match some data in some records: Match exactly, or just begins with, or just ends with, or when just contains the search string.

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