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    Frustrated with a tiny keyboard with so many little keys? Tired of making frequent mistakes and trouble correcting? Give EasyKey a try. It may take a few minutes to appreciate the smoothness of accessing shifts through swipes and the convenience of just sixteen input keys.

    EasyKey is devised for easy learning and quick inputting. Alphanumeric symbols are placed in layers accessed through swipes along the keyboard. Swiping down yields cap mode; swipe up reveals a number pad. Double swipe for lock modes.

    Space is made by a swipe to the right or hitting the centre diamond key. Enter may be made three different ways: by holding the diamond key, or a swipe to the right then hold, or a two finger swipe to the right.

    With just sixteen input keys there is less chance of making mistakes and they are corrected by a Backswipe (on the keyboard part of the screen). “Backswipe hold” deletes five characters at a time, as does a two finger Backswipe.

    Primary letters are indicated in black upper case. Secondary letters are in red, accessed by double tapping. Many punctuation marks are associated with the primary letters such as D for Dollar sign, U for underline, N for number sign and E for Exclamation mark.

    Numbers are arranged similar to a calculator pad.


    Making a diagonal swipe upwards activates the tutorial – in the bottom right hand corner is a button for Options.
    * When a letter is touched there is a click noise. This may be deactivated.
    * When a secondary letter is accessed, there is a haptic vibration. This may be deactivated.
    * Space may be created by a swipe to the right and by touching the “Diamond” in the middle of the keyboard.
    * The Diamond feature may be removed (and just use swipes for making a space).
    * Double tapping a key accesses the secondary letter associated with that key.
    * The timing for activating the double tap may be varied.
    * Each time Enter is inputted the screen automatically shows the typing speed for the paragraph.
    * This feature may be turned off.

    * Swipe right for Space
    * Backswipe for Backspace
    * Sweep hold for Enter (or hold down on the Diamond)
    * Sweep down for Caps
    * Sweep up for Numbers
    * Double tap for Secondary letters
    * Diagonal Swipes for Punctuation and Tutorial

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    After installation EasyKeyA needs to be enabled:
    * Go to settings
    * Go to “Language and Keyboard” or “Language and Input”
    * Turn on EasyKeyA

    To change between keyboards:
    * When a keyboard is active swipe down from top
    * Click “Choose input method” identified by a keyboard icon
    * Select desired keyboard

    On some devices:
    * Go to settings
    * Under “Language and Input” go to Default
    * Select desired keyboard