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    A must have utility for electrician's, electrical contractors or those looking to pass an electrical certification.
    Calculations per National Electric Code 2014.
    Calculations included:
    Voltage Drop
    -Circuit’s Conductors voltage drop.
    -Minimum Conductor Size.
    Pipe Bend
    -Three bend saddles.
    -Rolling Offset
    -Detail Conduit Support.
    -Segment bending.
    Raceway calculations.
    -Raceway size calculation.
    -Raceway calculation
    -Maximum number of same size wires
    -Conduit Support\n-Conductors Support
    -Conduit spacing
    -Conductor Applications and Insulations
    -Cable Tray Calculation
    -Metric Trade Size Designators.
    -R90, RW75, TWN75,T90, TW, TW75, TWU, TWU75
    -Conductor Ampacity, wire size.
    -table 301.15(B)(16).
    Box Fill
    -Sizing outlet box.
    -Sizing Pull box.
    Load calculation (Residential)
    -Single family.
    -Range and dryer’s calculation.
    -Service \ Feeder Conductors.
    -Transformers Size.
    -Transformers OCPD calculations.
    -Transformers Short Circuit calculations.
    -Delta-Wye transformers Calculations.
    Motors calculations
    -Motor OCPD calculations.
    -Motor NEMA Starters calculation.
    -Motor Locked Rotor Calculation.
    Electrical schematics
    - Delta-delta transformers.
    - Delta-Wye transformers.
    - Three way switch.
    - Start/stop AC motor.
    - 3 phase A.C. Motor Winding and Connections Wye
    - 3 phase A.C. Motor Winding and Connections Delta
    - Network cable wiring pin-out.
    - Wye Start-Delta Run.
    - Electrical Symbols
    Burial Depth
    -600v or less.
    -Over 600v.
    -Equipment Grounding
    -Grounding Electrode Conductor.
    -Grounded Conductor, Main Bonding Jumper, System Bonding Jumper, and Supply-Side Bonding Jumper for Alternating-Current Systems.
    NEMA Device Configurations.
    Electrical Calculations.
    -Formula Wheel.
    -Power Triangle.
    NEC Tables section.
    Color Code.
    -Resistors color code.
    -Phase wire color code.
    -Panel color code.
    NEC Calculations Examples.
    -Bank load calculation.
    -Store load calculation.
    -Scholl load calculation.
    -Multi-family dwelling load calculation.
    -Office building load calculation.
    -Restaurant load calculation.
    -Motor I load calculation.
    -Motor II load calculation.
    -Ranges load calculation.
    2014 NEC Code Changes.
    Units Converter.
    - Temperature.
    - Energy.
    - Length.
    - AWG to millimeter.
    - Watts to Lumens.
    - Torque.
    NFPA 70E Table 130.7 (C) (16).
    Arc Flash Calculation.
    - NFPA 70E Table 130.7 (C) (15)(a).
    Torque Specs for lugs and bolts.
    - Squared D.
    - GE.
    -more coming soon.

    release version history:
    ( Dec 14, 2015
    ( Feb 5, 2013
    National Electrical Code and "NEC" are registered trademarks of the NFPA

    -And more coming soon! Stay tuned for updates.
    If you like to report bugs or suggestions, please send them to

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    handy references great app