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    EmailPhoto enables you to take and email photos in an instant. Set the receipient, subject line and message body once. In the future, just launch the app, snap some pictures, and off they go!

    Your office is one of the places EmailPhoto will come really handy and save you a lot of time: You want to quickly forward meeting notes from a flipchart to a coworker? Regularly update your boss about the status of a project plan laid out with Post-it notes on an office wall? Whatever it is, instead of wasting a couple minutes on typing a standard email text and manually attaching pictures one by one, just get 'em off in seconds using the EmailPhoto template!

    EmailPhoto uses the camera and email apps already installed on your phone, so there is no configuration is necessary, and all your email accounts are instantly available. How could this be any easier?

    So no matter whether you are a manager, developer, designer or an intern, you'll want to spare yourself dull tasks like writing the same standard text over and over, just so you do not annoy people with empty emails.

    And the best: It's completely free! No ads, no nag screens, no limitations, no secret transmission of your phone's data - it does not even ask for the permissions which would be required to do so.

    ## How does it work? ##

    Fill in the template: Launch EmailPhoto, fill in the fields, then push the menu button and choose "Save default values". From then on, EmailPhoto will greet you with everything already set up.

    Attach a picture: Tap "+ Photo", choose a camera app (should there be more than one installed), snap the picture, done. It will come up as a thumbnail button below the message body. Tap it once to see it full screen.

    Remove picture: Oops, nobody can read that? Just long tap the picture in question aaaaand it's gone.

    Send email: Tap "Send" and choose the email app (should there be more than one installed), and send it from there like a regular email you just composed. And you're good!

    ## Current features ##

    * Create one email template with receipient, subject line and message body
    * Snap pictures right from the app and send them as email attachments

    ## Soon to come ##

    * Create multiple templates and access them quickly via widgets on your home screen
    * Take multiple pictures in burst mode
    * Delete all pictures taken with EmailPhoto from your phone

    ## Permissions ##

    EmailPhoto only requires the "Writing to Storage" permission to temporarily store the pictures you take. That's it!

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