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    An energy bill always takes a huge bite out of your budget.
    Keeping track of your readings can help you evaluate your efforts to reduce your
    consumption and save some money.

    Main features
    * Keep track of meter readings
    Not only gas, water and electricity but the application is designed so you can keep
    track of almost anything.
    * Keep track of your fuel consumption
    Trucks, cars, motorcycles, they all need to be filled-up from time to time.
    Keep an eye on your consumption, save the planet and keep the money in your pocket.
    * Determine how you enter your readings
    U can opt to enter readings in a regular textfield or through a special dials-control.
    * Flexible graphs
    Various options are available for presenting the data in graphs.
    The standard graph showing the consumption for a certain period and a graph that can show the consumption of one or more years.
    * Degreedays
    A degreeday is a unit of measure to easily compare the outside temperature with your energy consumption.
    You can easily import and manage them and show them in the graph.
    * Properties
    You can easily and clearly keep track of the readings of different properties by
    grouping the meters.
    * Define your own periods
    Want to see the list of readings or the graph for a certain period?
    No problem. You can define your own periods.
    * Define your own units of measure
    By default, a number of units are defined (ft³, gallons, etc) but you can
    create your own.
    * Unit conversion
    Let's say your vehicle uses 'Gallons' as the unit of measure. You go on a trip to a
    country using a different unit (eg: Liter) and you need to fill-up.
    Just temporarily change the default unit for your vehicle to 'Liter', enter the fill-up and change
    the vehicle's unit back to 'Gallons'. Your fill-up will be converted automatically.
    * Import/Export
    You can import and export readings, at any time and without limitation.
    * Backup/Restore
    The Pro-version allows you to create a full database backup to an SD-card and/or to your DropBox account.
    This also allows you to synchronize your data between devices by doing a backup to Dropbox on one device and a restore from Dropbox on the other.
    * Help
    There is an extended help function available in (almost) every screen.
    * Sample data
    You have the ability to add (and remove) some sample data at any time.
    Particularly useful to find out if this is the application you want.

    Free vs Pro features
    The free version has exactly the same functionalities as the Pro version except that
    the number of meters/vehicles is limited to 2.
    This means that you can either:
      - track 2 meters OR
      - track 2 vehicles OR
      - track 1 meter and 1 vehicle
    The paid version allows you to:
      - create unlimited meters and vehicles
      - create and restore backups of the database to an SD-card or DropBox
    and relieves you of the publicity on the main page.

    The application is available in:
      - English
      - Dutch
      - French

    Future developments:
      - Backup to Google Drive
      - Adapt layout for tablets
      - Other (reasonable) requests from you

    Please send me a mail for comments, suggestions, problems or bugs at:

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