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    "Best Choice Smartphone/Tablet App for Safe and Secure storage of personal data including passwords accessible at your fingertips"

    Store personal data including passwords accessible at your fingertips and organized into Categories such as Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Web Sites, Insurance Policies, Motor Vehicle Reg, Airline Frequent Flyer, Proof Of Identity, Memberships, PC and Electronics, E-Mail, Social Networks, and Miscellaneous (Custom).

    Items used to store personal data include Bank Account, Credit Card, Web Site, Insurance Policy, Car Reg, Motorcycle Reg, Boat Reg, Frequent Flyer, Drivers License, Passport, Visa, Identification Card, Membership, Clothing Sizes, Computer, Electronic Device, Software, YahooMail, Gmail, Hotmail, iTunes, Skype, Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Universal (Custom).

    AES 256 bit symmetric key encryption of all data in your Vault(s) making it impossible for your data to be compromised even in the eventuality of device theft.

    Add personal data Items to Favorites for fast access.

    E-Mail your Vault(s) for backup/export outside the device. The Import Vault feature allows you to import and use your Vault(s) in all your Android devices.

    Multi-lingual in English, German, French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Hindi (only supported on Android devices).

    Supported on Android Phone and Tablet devices installed with Google Android SDK version 2.2 (Froyo) and later in Portrait and Landscape Orientations.

    Synchronize (Import/Export/Backup) and Use your Vault(s) interchangeably among all your Apple and Android devices.

    Most importantly, Easy To Use!

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