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    Event Reminder application helps you keep track of all the precious moments. This application will keep a log of the events that you think you should remember. While using "Event Reminder", you will never need to take a space in brain's memory for the event you have captured in the application. 'Event Reminder' will take care of all your important and not so important events.

    Event reminder application allows you to directly send a SMS with custom text.
    This application also allows you to set the notification of the event.

    Event Reminder also helps you calculate the elapsed time.
    The application will provide you the data in following formats:
    - As an age of the event i.e. in years, months and days.
    - Total number of months since the event
    - Total number of days since the event
    - Total number of hours, minutes and seconds since the event.

    This application helped me keep all the events and tasks on track. I have utilized its potential and now I would like to share my piece of work with you to help remember all the events without any worries.

    Event reminder is in its early stage. Please use it and help evolve.

    The following are some of the features of Event reminder:
    1. Keep a user updated with the time difference between the event and the current date.
    2. Add the event to application's reminder scheduler.
    3. Scheduler has four key spots: Today only, Daily occurrence, weekly occurrence, monthly occurrence and yearly occurrence.
    4. Send SMS to the configured number when the event date and time matches. Also, notifies a user about the event in notification panel. Both the services are configurable.
    5. View and edit event.

    -- In Progress:
    Facebook Integration, day's special, group notification, email feature and many more features to come...

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