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    As seen on Lifehacker:
    "Extensive Notes Is a Ridiculously Full Featured Note-Taking App for Android"

    ** Look for Extensive Notes in the October print edition of Inc. Magazine **

    ** If you prefer a more simplistic interface check out classic notes **

    * Note various questions and answers via media tools
    * Unit converter - Convert length, area, planetary age and weight, liquid volume, time, bandwidth, temperature, flow rate, fuel, power, energy, acceleration, pressure, circular
    * Ohms law calculator
    * Decibels of change calculator
    * Artist image lookup
    * BMI Calculator
    * Random password generator
    * Note attachments such as PDF, word, Powerpoint and so on using extensive notes notepad
    * Extensive notes notepad can also easily import notes via SD card & web URL
    * Note qr codes and barcode Notes
    * Extensive notes notepad can easily import CSV files as todo
    * Import Contacts in the form of to-do tasks
    * Export notes as text
    * Note and lookup slang terms
    * Note and look various word questions and answers
    * Easily export the entire note database to SD card which allows for easily going from free to pro version or as a simple means of backup.
    * Import/Restore notes database via SD
    * Text-to-Speech (TTS) which allows for notes to be read back to you.
    * With extensive notes notepad you can also prioritize notes according to you and the order of importance within your everyday life
    * Extensive notes notepad also allows for you to easily share notes socially such as through Facebook, twitter, or via e-mail, SMS, etc
    * Sort notes for easier filtering
    * Search notes for keywords or via hash tags
    * Extensive notes notepad also allows for Geotagging of notes to remember locations and also allows for looking up street address if available using the longitude and latitude.
    * Support for multiple audio notes
    * Support for multiple video notes
    * Support for multiple image notes
    * Various calculators such as sales tax calculator, discount calculator, temperature calculator, mortgage calculator, tip calculator and so on.
    * Support for paint notes
    * Attach multiple note files
    * Attach images to notes via Gallery
    * Attach images to notes via Camera
    * Attach mp3s and other audio to notes
    * Attach avis and other video to notes
    * Private notes - Lock notes so no one can read them
    * Login screen
    * Paint notes - Draw notes using your finger
    * Stick notes to status bar
    * Comment support - Add comments to existing notes.
    * Sub notes support
    * Auto-save note features
    * Auto Backup
    * Folder Support
    * Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
    * Body Fat
    * Body Mass Index (BMI)
    * Daily Caloric Intake
    * Max Heart Rate
    * One Rep Max (1RM)
    * Target Heart Rate
    * Waist To Hip Ratio
    * Water Intake
    * Notepad features nearly 100 different notes icons so you can customize statusbar notes to your liking rather than be restricted to a single icon.
    * Support for notes shortcuts to home screen
    * Support for notes alarms and reminders using the built in system or using Google calendar.
    * Extensive notes also has todo / to-do support
    * Note Web accounts
    * Note Stopwatch values
    * Note Thesaurus values - Using the thesaurus tool you can easily find similar words.
    * Multiple thesaurus providers
    * Note Dictionary definitions
    * Multiple dictionary providers
    - Wordnik
    - WordNet
    * Note and lookup Abbreviations
    * Note and lookup various postal codes
    * Note various conversions
    * Note and convert temperature, weight, height and more
    * Note related words
    * Note New York Times NewsWire articles
    * Note Digg headlines
    * Note and lookup slang words
    * Note Word suggestions
    * Note Word usage examples
    * Conversions - convert between various values
    * Checklist & todo
    * Shopping list & grocery list
    * Adjust notes image size - choose between small or large note images

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    Michelle G

    by Michelle G

    Aug 15, 2017  |  "Poor"

    I just upgraded my phone and I am disappointed with this update. Auto backup does not work and I lost my note 3 times b/c of where the back button is on my new phone. I can't do anything with the settings so I don't know if I should pay for the full version. If I don't come across a troubleshoot for it I will most likely delete it.

    shahrizal nawawi

    by shahrizal nawawi

    Jul 02, 2017  |  "Awesome"


    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Jun 28, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Great app to save my notes orderly and neat

    Tina Hungerford

    by Tina Hungerford

    Jun 25, 2017  |  "Good"

    This use to be a great app but since my android phone updated it crashes. If you type something wrong and use the back key it crashes. You have to save and then edit to fix your typing.

    srikanth mvn

    by srikanth mvn

    Jun 19, 2017  |  "Great"

    The app is awesome but the only thing lacking is the cloud back up.. guys plz update the app with cloud back up...

    Magdolna Dasilva

    by Magdolna Dasilva

    Mar 31, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Very good