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    Fake-Call Me Free - Xmas Santa's review

    Published: 2015-02-24, by .

    Get out of a bad date, have Santa call your kids or President Obama call your friends

    • Easy to use
    • Multiple features
    • Use contacts
    • Unrealistic voices

    "Get Out Of Situations With Fake-Call Me"


    The Fake-Call Me app is a great and easy to do prank you can pull on your friends. You can have Santa call and with fake voice-in call, those in the room with you will think you're carrying on a conversation. Or if you ever find yourself in a situation you want to get out of, pick any name in your contacts and have it come up with Fake-Call. It's fun to use and can be a great-out-of-jail-free card during a bad date.


    This easy to use app allows you to make your phone ring whenever you want. You can even input specific people on the other end.


    Voice imitations are not very realistic.

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    by Molly

    Feb 24, 2015


    Get out of awkward situations by giving yourself a fake-call.
    - Time-limited update for Christmas! Use the bundled in-call Santa Claus voice to have Santa speak to callee during fake call(Press "menu" key, tap settings, then select Santa from bundled voice setting).
    - Special USA presidential election time-limited update: Have Barack obama, Mitt Romney call you for voting support( when you are waiting inline to vote)
    - Scare your friends with scheduled fake-calls of evils, devils talking. Like a scripted soundboard, the conversation is scripted to scare your friends like the end of the world is happening!
    - The in-call voices can be setup via the setting screen under "menu".

    Fake Call Me rescues you from awkward situations like boring meeting, conversation, dates.
    * The app is called FCM once it's installed. BACK BUTTON ENDS CALL.
    * Spoof, prank, get an excuse to get out of any situation
    * Specify caller name & number
    * Customize incoming fake calls's ringtone & vibration setting
    * In-call voice for your fake-call(your fake-caller is actually talking on the phone)
    * Schedule a fake call at a specific time
    * Use this app as an alarm as you can use fake-call yourself with your desired ringtone at the desired time

    Be sure to check out Fake-Call Me Pro with the following features:
    * shortcut to trigger a fake call(via guesture on home screen)
    * choose a contact from phone's contacts, so the contact's photo and ringtone are used for the fake-call
    * More in-call voice audio files are included
    * Choose your own audio as in-call voice
    * add fake calls to phone's call log.
    * schedule multiple fake calls
    * If your phone runs Android 2.2 or above: install the app to SD-card if SD-card is available; allow moving the app to SD-card. Note that if while you copy files between SD-card and your computer, the app cannot be run.

    The app asks for coarse(network-based) location permission as the app may display location-relavant ads. The permission only provides your rough location based on cell tower and wifi information. It DOESN'T give out your GPS location. It also askes for permission to use bluetooth as the permission is required for playing back audio.

    There's no way for us to respond to your comments on Andorid Market. Please report any problem to support a@t If the fake call screens don't look like the real ones, let us know as we want to support as many devices as possible.

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