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    FD Call Assistant is a program to assist firefighters during an emergency call. FD Call Assistant receives SMS messages of an emergency call from dispatch and automatically display the call location on the map.

    FD Call Assistant will save you those precious minutes that are wasted while searching through a map book or while typing the address into a GPS unit. All you need is an internet connection on you android device and SMS messages of the call from dispatch. FD Call Assistant listens for incoming messages and will automatically show the call on a map as a orange flame. When the flame is clicked, call details are shown.

    You can customize the program by adding the location of your stations AND hydrants to the map. The stations are displayed on the map every time it is loaded. The hydrants closest to the emergency can be loaded when showing a current call on the map. The hydrants and stations are added from a text file that you create. Create the files once and then you can give them to everyone in the department. No need for each person in your department to enter each station and hydrant one at a time. Just import the file and you are ready to go.

    You can now forward messages to a list of contacts automatically when an emergency call is received. Send the messages to others in the department or your significant other.

    Main features:
    -automatically show call on map
    -search for a location
    -show your station location on the map
    -simple friction loss calculator
    -option to show notification or automatically show map
    -navigate to the call option
    -map closest hydrants when displaying current calls
    -search current calls for keywords
    -import stations and hydrants from file
    -custom ring and vibrate pattern for incoming call
    -option to show previous calls
    -show GPS location on map
    -automatically mark messages as READ
    -automatically forward messages to a list of contacts
    -call log
    -report creator
    -extra map icons representing various units
    -"Night Lights" feature that turns the screen on bright white when a call is received (can specify times of day or night)

    Station file format:

    Station List
    Station 1; Address; xx.xxxxxx, xx.xxxxxx
    Station 2; Address; xx.xxxxxx, xx.xxxxxx

    Hydrant file format:

    Hydrant List
    Address; GPM; Resisual Pressure; Top Color; xx.xxxxxx, xx.xxxxxx
    Address; GPM; Resisual Pressure; Top Color; xx.xxxxxx, xx.xxxxxx
    Address; GPM; Resisual Pressure; Top Color; xx.xxxxxx, xx.xxxxxx

    ** station and hydrant files must be saved in .txt format and saved as individual files **

    *** FD Call Assistant is a new program and may not properly load every SMS format. Please go to Program Settings then scroll to the bottom and tap Email Developer to email me your message formats so I can incorporate them into the program and make it work for everyone.***

    Counties Program Works With:
    -Aransas County, TX
    -Brown County, WI
    -Brunswick County, NC
    -Buncombe County, NC
    -Calcasieu Parish, LA
    -Chilton County, AL
    -Dickenson County, IA
    -Dorchester County, MD
    -Forsyth County, NC
    -Franklin County, NC
    -Grays Harbor County, WA
    -Hazelton, PA
    -Henry County, IN
    -Knox, PA
    -McCordsville, IN
    -Montgomery County, TX
    -Moore County, NC
    -Mystic, CT
    -New Windsor, NY
    -Pitt County, NC
    -Rankin County, MS
    -Salem, OH
    -Shelby County, AL
    -Spartanburg County, SC
    -Thurston County, WA
    -Wasaga Beach, Ontario
    -Waynesburg, OH
    -Whitfield County, CA

    FD Call Assistant will also work for Police and Emergency Medical Services who receive SMS messages from dispatch.

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