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    STATUS (July 5, 2013):
    The update is almost finished. :)
    What has changed so far?
    More intuitive design, especially for tablets.
    More view modes
    Different icon set and more icon settings (show album art for audio files, icon themes)
    New search settings (search by MIME type, e.g. searching for "image" will find image files).
    New browser settings (directory order, case-sensitive sorting, hide file extension, hide non-readable files, hide non-writable files, resolve symbolic links)
    (You can ask for a beta-version via email at anytime!)

    Velox File Manager is a lightweight file manager that values performance, design and optimization for the latest Android version, even though it is still compatible with devices running at least Android Gingerbread.

    • File Manager
    The file manager not only allows you to open, install, share, create and rename files, but also to perform asynchronous file operations (copy/move/delete).

    • File Properties
    View detailed properties of a file, including checksums.
    Supported checksum algorithms: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512

    • Mount Point Detection
    The detection of mount points (SD cards, USB devices, etc.) allows fast and intuitive navigation between storage devices.

    • Live Search
    Searching for a file couldn't be any easier.
    Simply enter letters or use regular expressions (RegEx) to find a file.
    The search is completely asynchronous and new search results are displayed instantly.

    • inotify
    Why bother refreshing the file browser manually?
    inotify, a Linux kernel subsystem, is used to automatically update the file browser whenever changes occur.

    • Crystal Icons
    The widespread Crystal icon set is used to ensure familiarity.

    • Viewers & Editors
    Viewers: Video
    Editors: All text-based files

    • Supported Languages
    English, German;

    • What are the permissions needed for?
    This permission is required to navigate the file system and view file/directory properties.

    This permission is required to create/rename/copy/move/delete a file/directory.

    • What about archives?
    Unfortunately, archives (zip, rar, tar) are currently not supported, but support is in works and a new update will be published soon.

    • What about network drives?
    Access to network drives (NAS, Samba, etc.) is not supported. It may be supported in the future, though.

    • What about cloud services?
    Access to cloud services will never be supported as most of them provide official apps, e.g. DropBox, Google Drive, etc.;

    • What about root access?
    The only way to achieve root access is by communicating with a spawned subprocess (e.g. shell) which runs under superuser privileges.
    Due to this inconvenience, no support for root is planned, sorry.

    After that, I'll focus on:
    - Trash Can
    - Multiple Windows
    - Better and new viewers/editors (Video/Text/etc.)
    - ... and much more!

    • Known Issues:
    - Opening a big text file may cause the app to crash due to insufficient memory.

    Questions? Translations? Requests? Bugs?
    You are more than welcome to contact me. :)

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