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    Oscar Chavoya Aceves, Wed Sep 18 17:11:43 MST 2013

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    Have you ever needed to write a persuasive essay, like a letter of introduction, without being able to find a starting point? That's a problem for most of us and, if it is problem for you, then... This is an app you need to have. You can write anywhere; you don't even need a keyboard, if your Android device supports good speech recognition. This app will not write for you, but it will keep you on track, enforcing the structure of a persuasive five paragraph essay while you write. When you finish writing, you can email your essay to yourself, your instructor, or your boss! Isn't this a great way to write?

    You can write when you are there sitting at the coffee shop, by yourself or while you are chatting with your friends; in your favourite restaurant; or wherever you happen to be when your muse comes. You don't need to be nearby your desktop any more, or carry a laptop everywhere, with all its inconveniences! This is practical, because you never know when a great idea will come to your mind. Of course, this is not the only advantage!

    You see how this app has guided me to write my introduction of this product? The app provides the skeleton, a human mind provides the meat and potatoes of a persuasive essay. Use the menu to move between paragraphs or to insert/delete sentences (You cannot add sentences to the first paragraph.) The app is that easy to use. You are guided to write your essay, one sentence at a time, and you have enough clues to stay on focus. The internal storage is used to save your work, so you can have multiple writing projects in process. After a while you can pull your stuff out of the box and put a book together.

    When you are done writing, use the menu to email your essay to yourself. You can use formatting HTML commands so you can get output like this or this; however, those niceties can always be included when you open your email, using your favourite word processor, when ball you have to do is formatting. Note, if you think you have a great piece of writing and you want to share it, you can easily do that in our web site now.

    If you are a high school student, a professional, a spiritual leader, even a politician, this is an app for you. Write anywhere. Write in order. Make your point!

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