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    FlashCard Widget Plus allows you to create a list of "Flashcards" and then display them on your device in a widget. Use this app to display your favorite quotes, or store a list of words you would like to memorize, or as a substitute for real flashcards when speaking or teaching.

    This app lets you add, remove and perform other operations on your cards. It also provides 2 widget sizes - small and large. Please note that the flashcards do not "scroll". But, you can select the larger widget size or resize the widget (if your device supports widget resizing). When you add the widget to your screen it will automatically show the first flashcard in your set. To select a new card use the Up and Down buttons on the widget. Also, touching the widget will cause it to show the next flashcard (which is similar to touching the Down button).

    This Plus version provides a number of additional features over the free version of the app.
    Note: If you have used the free version of this app, any cards that you created in the free version will be automatically copied.

    1. Catalogs
    You can create multiple catalogs of Flashcards, such as "Quotes", "Vocabulary", "Scriptures", etc. You can then set the Flashcard Widget to show a specific catalog or all catalogs. When you first install this app it creates a sample catalog. Here is how you manage your catalogs:
    a) Add a new catalog: Touch the name of the catalog (next to the "plus" button) to show the list of available catalogs. Touch the "[New Catalog]" option. Then enter the name of the new catalog in the space provided. When you select the "Ok" button the app will display the new catalog (which is now empty). Now, any cards you add will be automatically added to this catalog.
    b) Select a catalog: To select a catalog (ie. see all cards in a catalog), touch the name of the catalog that is currently shown in the title bar. You will now see the list of all available catalogs. Select the catalog you want to see, or select "[All Catalogs]" to see all your cards.
    c) Add a card to a catalog: When you add a new card, it is automatically added to the catalog that is currently shown.
    d) Remove a catalog: To remove a catalog simply remove all cards in the catalog using the "Remove All" menu option.

    2. Widget Settings
    To customize the widget, seelect the "Widget Settings" menu. There are 3 settings available to change the behavior of the widget.
    a) Refresh Frequency: When you provide a refresh frequency (in minutes), the widget will automatically refresh to show a new card. Set the value to 0 to turn of this automatic refresh. Please note that refreshing the widget too frequently can result in a decrease in your device's battery life.
    b) Randomize: If you select this option the widget will pick a random card from the list to show each time it is refreshed. When this option is not selected the widget shows the next card in the list using the order in which the cards are shown in your catalog.
    c) Select category: Use this setting to select the category of flashcards you want the widget to show.

    3. Import and Export
    If you would like to backup your cards, you can export them to a text file on your SD card (to a folder named flashcardw). Use this to backup your cards when you purchase a new device. Cards can also be imported from a file. You can use this option to populate the app with a large number of cards instead of typing them in individually into the app. The import text file uses a simple formart. Each card consists of 3 lines: Category Name, Card Title and Card Text. Enter each of these on a new line. So, a sample file may look like this:
    My Cards
    John F. Kennedy
    Ask not what the country can do for you - ask what you can do for the country.
    My Cards
    Mahatma Gandhi
    We must become the change we want to see in the world.
    My Cards
    Jesus Christ
    Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

    Enjoy Flashcard Widget Plus!

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