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    The Edinburgh Festival is now over again until August 2015, but our app is still useful for general visitors to our home city.

    Visiting Edinburgh? Type texts, blogs, tweets, emails and FB updates (or anything else) much faster, with our advanced word prediction. Flexpansion (Edinburgh Festivals edition) comes preloaded with the names of streets, venues, performers and shows in our fantastic home city! (Approved but unofficial).

    The app provides fully-adaptive word completion, next word prediction, autocorrect & an editable user dictionary. Also
    * … has an advanced predictive text engine which learns your personal style & continuously improves suggestions.
    * … is compatible with phones, tablets, and hardware keyboards.
    * … is easily personalised by adding your own abbreviations, words & even whole phrases (a limited number in the free version, unlimited in Flexpansion Pro). For instance set 'qq' (or anything you like) to insert your signature, phone number, or any other frequently-typed block of text.
    * … is derived from the founder's PhD research at Edinburgh University.
    * … as well as helping you type faster, may even improve your spelling!

    Flexpansion also has a unique flexible abbreviation expansion mode (NB: SWITCH ON IN Settings>Prediction) which understands all common styles. Type like a txt msg, and it automatically expands into full, correctly-spelled text e.g.:
    * wd would
    * xprc experience
    * tfon telephone
    * 2mrw tomorrow
    * 428 fortunate
    * abv8n abbreviation

    No need to memorise anything or pre-define abbreviations. Our Flexible Text Expansion engine deals with whatever you type and learns rapidly from your usage.

    Other features:
    * Long-press and swipe for punctuation, numbers, or accented letters
    * Long-press Enter for smileys
    * Long-press Space to enter input unaltered and learn it
     * Long-press ?123 for speech (if supported by device, needs internet).

    * Switchable visual themes or skins: Thistle (free), Donut (free), Gingerbread (free), Festive (free), Typewriter, Computer, Red, Blue, Green, Pink.
    * Switchable sound themes: Android (free), Festive (free), Mechanical (free), Electric, Model M, Drums, Beep.

    * Swipe left on the keyboard to undo an expansion, or delete the previous word. Swipe right to redo.
    * Swipe down to disable prediction, up to force-enable.
    * Swipe down again to hide the keyboard, tap a text box to bring it back.
    * Caps Lock, then swipe to move up/down/left/right in text.
     * Option to remove keypress popups.

    * Learn from Gmail (BETA), or from anything pasted in.

    Try out the variety of sounds in each theme - turn your phone into an old-fashioned typewriter complete with dinging carriage return, play a set of party sounds, or a drum kit while you type!

    Available languages:
    * US English
    * UK English
    * German (QWERTZ layout available)

    A system message on installation states this app could collect personal data. Rest assured your language data is only stored on your device, never sent across the Internet. We will never record typing in password boxes. We are a responsible company, with academic and government support, which you can verify by searching for "Flexpansion Edinburgh University".

    To switch input methods, long-press in text box and choose "Select Input Method" (Android 2.x) or use the status bar icon (Android 4.x).

    We think you will love how rapidly Flexpansion begins adapting to your writing style - check out the great reviews of our main app (and download it - it's free too!). Please rate us!

    Known issues:
     * Still learning some junk from Gmail, e.g. typos & too many capitals. We are working on this.
     * A few apps block prediction, and won't let us over-ride. Please contact us AND them!

    If you have any problems or feature requests, please contact us via our website.

    We're a small company and will do our best. Thanks for your patience!

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