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    No matter if current, future or past flights, with Flitebook you'll always have the important information at hand!

    Supported Airlines
    Lufthansa Cargo

    CAUTION: This App requires a working VPN connection to Lufthansa CRA!!! Please only buy Flitebook, after you have made sure that VPN works on your device! Information on how to configure VPN for CRA can be found on You can find the login data for in the CRA linux forum.

    *** Important: If you want to use your data from an existing test version of Flitebook, please follow the instructions at ***

    English language settings

    Automatic import of the following data from Lufthansa Crewportal:
    ... Current, past and - if published or preliminary available - next duty roster
    ... CAS duty rosters
    ... Crewlists
    ... Booking figures, including specials (OSI, SPML, WCH, etc.)
    ... Actual flight times
    ... Pickup times and crew hotel (if available)
    ... Aircraft registration, aircraft rotation, parking stand and gate (if available)
    ... For COC: Backup OFP, HIL
    ... Layover Infos
    ... Delay codes
    ... For COC: Landings/LVO
    ... Salary statements
    ... Manuals (DLH only)
    ... Request data
    ... Crewmail

    Clear display of flight, ground and simulator events, including scheduled, actual and briefing time

    Calculation and display of allowance per rotation

    Individual display options in flightlog view

    Detailview of flight entries, including these features and more:
    ... Possibility to manually enter offblock, onblock and pickup times, LDG and LVO
    ... Airportdetails and direct link to open Layover Info
    ... Alarm clock, if pickup time available
    ... Crewlist incl. display of joint flights, assignment of working positions, link photos to crewmembers and more
    ... Booking figures, including specials (OSI, SPML, WCH, etc.)
    ... Add notes to flights, destinations and crewmembers
    ... Display of flight route in Google Maps

    For COC: Display of last 3 landings and expiry date

    Manually create and edit entries

    Search flightlog entries

    Export duty roster to calendar, incl. briefing times

    Import of:
    ... s-Flightlog data
    ... OffBlock data
    ... COC and CAB seniority lists

    Worldtime clock with local time of upcoming destinations. Set alarm clock in LT without having to convert ;-)

    Currency calculator with automatic download of current exchange rates

    One-click backup-/restore function to SD card and Dropbox

    Duty roster upload to

    Duty roster upload to

    Duty roster upload to

    Duty roster upload to

    and much more...

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