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    Free Root Finder searches for a local minimum of a continuous function of one variable. This solver may be used with both linear and non-linear functions.

    Elementary arithmetic operations only (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) are supported in this free version.

    Adobe Air needed.

    Following mathematical functions are implemented in the full version of the app:

    abs(x): absolute value of x
    acos(x): arccosine of x
    asin(x): arcsine of x
    atan(x):arctangent of x
    ceil(x): rounds x to the nearest integer greater than or equal to x
    cos(x): cosine of x
    exp(x): exponential of x
    floor(x): rounds x to the nearest integer less than or equal to x
    log(x): natural logarithm of x
    max(x1,x2,…): maximal value among elements
    min(x1,x2,…): minimal value among elements
    pow(x,y): x to the power of y
    round(x): rounds x to the nearest integer
    sin(x): sine of x
    sqrt(x): square root of x
    tan(x): tangent of x

    Tags: y=x*tanx , min finder