FTD Mercury Mobile Plus




    FTD Mercury Mobile Plus includes time-saving features such as:
    • Mobile Dashboard: Keep track of what’s going on with orders, tickets, and credit card charges.
    • Delivery Snapshot: Keep track of your deliveries for the day, including the current order status.
    • Delivery Routes: See routes, stops, and orders and mark them delivered.
    • Map and Directions: View a map of the current truck and recipient locations, plus get turn-by-turn directions.
    • Delivery Confirmations: Mark orders delivered from your phone.
    • Dashboard Messages: Get your Dashboard messages delivered wirelessly.
    • Delivery Signature Capture and Photo Capture from Phone.

    Note: You must be using FTD Mercury X6 Fall or later and Mercury Delivery to use FTD Mercury Mobile Plus with Delivery Routing and new signature and photo capture

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