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    Fuji Xerox Print & Scan Utility (Small Office) for Android is a free print and scan application for Android devices. You can print from AndroidTM applications, PDF documents, Web pages, photos saved in your device or taken by the internal camera.

    For more details, please visit Fuji Xerox web site:

    Key Features
    -Printing from applications
    - Printing Web page: Printing cost can be reduced by using multiple-up printing.
    - Printing stored photos: 4-up printing and thumbnail image printing are also available. A preview function allows viewing of print images before printing.
    - Printing captured photo: You can print photos captured by your device's camera. You are able to adjust the selected paper size automatically.
    - Printing PDF documents.
    - Scan and store a document with JPEG or PDF file formats in your Android devices. (*1)

    (*1) Scanning is available on Color Multifunction printers. (See below.)

    System Requirements
    - Compatible models should be used.
    - Your Android devices should be connected to the wireless LAN network
    - Port9100 should be enabled on your printer
    - Bonjour should be enabled to automatically detect printers.

    Supported Languages
    - English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Japanese

    Tested Devices and OS Versions
    - NEC LifeTouch L (AndroidTM 4.1)
    - SONY Xperia A (AndroidTM 4.1)
    - Galaxy S4 SC-04E (AndroidTM 4.2)
    - HTC One (AndroidTM 4.3)
    - Nexus5 (AndroidTM 4.4)
    - Nexus7 (AndroidTM 4.4)
    - Moto X (AndroidTM 4.4)

    Compatible Models
    For customers in Asia Pacific excluding Japan:
    Color Multifunction printer: DocuPrint CM205 fw, DocuPrint CM 205 f, DocuPrint CM215 f, DocuPrint CM 215 fw
    Color printer: DocuPrint CP205 w, DocuPrint CP205, DocuPrint CP215 w, DocuPrint CP 215
    Monochrome Multifunction printer: DocuPrint M115 w, DocuPrint M118 w, DocuPrint M115 fw, DocuPrint M115 z,
    DocuPrint M118 z
    Monochrome printer: DocuPrint P115 w, DocuPrint P118 w

    For customers in Japan:
    Color Multifunction printer: DocuPrint CM200 fw, NEC MultiWriter 5650F
    Color printer: DocuPrint CP200 w, NEC MultiWriter 5650C

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