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    Gassy Girl is a simple gas mileage tracker and reporting tool that I developed for myself.

    I carry my phone around with me, take just a couple of minutes to fill in an entry whenever I fill up my car's tank, and thus have a nice history of when I've gotten gas, as well as what my car's mileage has been.

    I decided to make Gassy Girl and its source code available under libre licensing terms (GNU GPL v3) in case anyone else wants to use or make modifications to it.

    It also supports importing and exporting of data so that you can easily migrate to and from Gassy Girl; see the next section for details on the file format.

    Import data format
    If you wish to import data from another gas mileage tracking
    application, select "Import Data" from the Gassy Girl main menu. Upon selecting this option, you will be prompted to indicate which file contains the desired data. That file must be in the following format:

    -The file must contain one gas mileage entry per line
    -Each element of each entry must be separated by a comma
    -The elements of each entry must be in this order:
    -Date (in the format "YYYY-MM-DD")
    -Trip odometer (example: 236.7)
    -Gallons (example: 13.7)
    -$ per gallon (example: 2.41)
    -Odometer (optional, example: 295)

    "Odometer" is an optional field, if the entry does not contain an odometer value, simply omit that item from the entry.

    Here is a sample entry line with an odometer field:

    Here is a sample entry line without an odometer field:

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