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    DOWNLOAD  $94.99



    This app is designed for Engineers and Geologists that are working with rock mechanics and is used as a handy tool, which accelerates the field work with geomechanical stations.

    The application called Geostation allows you to carry out the following functions:
    • Geomechanical station (measuring the dips, dip directions and strikes of discontinuity sets using the mobile device as a compass-clinometer)
    • Geomechanical classification by the Rock Mass Rating (RMR) system (After Bieniawski 1989) the Rock Tunnelling Quality Index, Q is indicated as well
    • Each recorded geostation can be localised by GPS
    • Each recorded geostation can be documented with a photo.
    • A quick overview over all recorded geostations of a project is provided by a map function, using aerial photos or plane map views.
    • Report generation including all data and photo in PDF format is done directly on the device.
    • All data can be provided by .CSV files and photos (.JPG format).
    • The files can be sent by email or uploaded to the users Dropbox account right from the site you are working on.
    • Export the data in KMZ format for viewing on a desktop PC
    All above mentioned functions will be done very fast, allowing user to minimize long in situ testing time.

    for more info please consult the apps manual at: