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    Thank YOU for the immense support and appreciation. The little app turns an year. Cheers!

    *** We have released the AD Free version. Check out below for "Gesture Control Pro"

    ** NOTE: Long press on the overlay circle to activate the application. Then swipe right to open the Notification Drawer and add all the gestures you want. After that attach them to the application by long pressing on the Gesture from the displayed list.

    “Gesture Control ” aims to provide a multi-tasking solution that allows the user to quickly open/ switch to applications that have been predefined by him/her. The application opening process will be gesture based.

    It means the user will have to draw a symbol on the screen to open the corresponding application. The user has to first save this symbol in the application and associate it with application intent before using this functionality.

    Gesture drawing takes a fraction of a second as compared to the cumbersome process of searching for the application in the phone and then opening it. Use it to increase your productivity and speed in navigating through various applications.

    This application is still being tested for all devices so please comment if you face any problem ( mention your phone model and OS version too) .

    Also provide suggestions as to what functions you would like to see incorporated in this application.

    UPDATE: Version 6 will now feature extra information dialog box and some preferences.

    List of preferences:
    1. Change the color of the overlay ring: White, Black or Transparent
    2. Change Notification display icon
    3. Change position of Overlay Ring: Top , Right , Left


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