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    Published: 2012-05-04, by Manu Galvez.

    Google Tasks Incredible is an alternative GTasks manager which added-value is simplicity

    • Ease of use
    • WP7-like layout
    • Drag & drop controls
    • Device shaking for clearing completed tasks
    • Needs more features: alarms, attach photos...

    "Incredibly simple"

    Simplicity, ease of use, easiness. That's what Google Tasks Incredible is about. This is an app that allows you to manager your Google Tasks with a few swipes.

    First off, it automatically detects your active Google accounts in your device. Tap to select the one you want to manage. Once done you'll see your list of tasks. If don't have any, you can create new tasks by clicking the + in the top right hand corner or edit them by pressing and holding the task name (you can set a due date and add a note). You just need to drag a task from left to right to mark it as complete. For clearing tasks from your list once they're completed just drag the other way (from left to right). Finally, you can move tasks around (set order), just drag and drop them.

    That's what basically does this app; easy, isn't it? It is set in a simple layout that reminds us Windows Phone 7. For those who have never pay too much attention to Google Tasks, this app can motivate them to start using it due to its simplicity. Recommendable.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    May 04, 2012


    If you live by your daily task or to-do lists, constantly write yourself reminders or notes, or are constantly looking at Google Tasks in Gmail, then you have come to the right place.

    GTI Features:
    • Your tasks/lists/notes sync and automatically appear across all your Android devices and in Gmail
    ‌• Use multiple Google/Gmail accounts
    ‌• Add notes, due dates, and reminders to tasks. NEW - repeating / recurring tasks!
    • Create tasks with voice. Google Now Integration coming in next release.
    ‌•‌ Add your tasks to different Google Calendars
    ‌• Create multiple lists with tasks and display them individually or all at once
    •‌ An awesome Widget. GTI Supports Android 4.2 lockscreen widgets
    ‌•‌ Subtasks and indenting tasks
    ‌• Use GTI Offline! It will sync when you come back online.
    ‌• ‌Multiple color themes including: Heat Map, Holo Blue, Green, Gold, Mono, Eggplant, White etc.
    • ‌Agenda view - see whats coming up today/tomorrow/future
    ‌•‌ Search your to-do lists for a specific task
    ‌• Sort task lists by due date or alphabetically
    ‌•‌ Create, rename, and delete lists. You can email them to people too!
    ‌• ‌Move tasks between task lists or to-do lists
    ‌•‌ Control sync interval with Google Tasks server
    ‌• ‌COMING SOON: Tablet version, sharing, and more!

    ‌• Swipe right on tasks to complete them, swipe left to delete tasks.
    ‌• Press and hold on a task to indent on your to-do list
    ‌• Tap on a task to edit the task notes and due date.
    ‌• Shake your phone vigorously to clear already completed tasks from your task list

    We do regular updates with new features and improvements to GTI!

    NOTE: Our previous app GTI lite was suspended (for unknown reasons). All work will be focused on this app now. As of June 2014, we are growing fast and working hard to provide more functionality and surpass the various junky tasks apps found all over Google Play.

    Attention to Gingerbread and Froyo users!
    Starting with v3.5.0, GTI Pro will only post updates for Android 4.0 and up. Users with Android 2.1 and up will still be able to use v3.4.9, but will no longer receive updates.


    Sometimes things do go wrong, and that's where we need your help: rather than just leaving a 1-star review and uninstalling right away, why not tell us about it through the "Send Feedback" button in the Settings menu of the app?

    Regular updates, tweaks, more functionality coming.

    ‌• ‌READ LOGS: For the "Send Feedback" button in settings.
    ‌• ‌WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: We use this to write the log to your sd card.
    ‌• ‌PREVENT PHONE/TABLET FROM SLEEPING: Used by background syncing

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