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    GUICalendar presents icons for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Events, Reminders, Holidays and Moon phases in the month-day view and widget. Also displays events from your android calendar on Honeycomb or higher. User selectable national holidays for Brazil, Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain and USA.

    I hope you will find Gui Calendar to be Easy, Elegant, Efficient and Simply User Friendly. The icon rich presentation is meant to please your eye with personalized information for your phone or tablet on both the calendar app and widget.

    To change the calendars month move your finger left or right across the screen. To change the year move your finger up or down. Tapping at the top returns to the current month and year.

    Tapping a day within a month selects that day and display a list of the items for that day, you can also create new items for any selected day with the option menu buttons or action bar images. You can also edit the selected day list items with a long press on the list.

    From the apps menu you may choose from Birthdays, Anniversaries, Events, Reminders, Settings and Information.

    Holidays and Moon Phases
    Presented in each months view are icons representing major holidays and moon phases.
    Moon phase predictions were compiled by Fred Espenak with NASA/GSFC

    Birthdays and Anniversaries

    To enter birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family:
    1. Scroll to the month and tap on the day to enter.
    2. Tap your phones menu button
    3. From the app menu tap either "Birthdays" or "Anniversaries".
    4. On the new screen enter the associated name(s) such as Megan, or Melonie and Curt
    5. Finally tap the "Save" button.
    The birthday or anniversary icon is then displayed on the event day. From the app, the text you entered will now appear when that day is touched.

    Events and Reminders

    Events and Reminders are entered just like birthdays and anniversaries above except they also use a time picker. Events and Reminders also appear on both your app and widget. Reminders additionally appear in your status bar notification window at the time you entered. Both are always dependent on the year entered from.
    For Reminders to notify properly without the app running, you must have a widget installed on a home screen. The widget will cause the device settings default notification sound to play at the time entered even if the screen is locked.
    After a Reminder is selected from the status notification it is dismissed and deleted from your app and widget.


    Settings allow you to personalize you application, using the check boxes and radio buttons from the Settings window you may.
    * Set which moon phases to display or not
    * Set birthdays and anniversaries entered to display or not
    * Set reminders alarms to audible or not
    * Set your calendars color and widget transparency
    * Set the first day of week displayed on your calendar
    * Set your national holidays to display or not
    * Set other countries holidays to display or not
    * Set miscellaneous holidays to display or not

    About your Widget

    Your Widget presents a personalized view of your current months events and will activate your reminder notifications with Gui Calendar not running even if your screen is off. It looks just like your Gui Calendar app, just smaller. It updates every thirty minutes to conserve battery power and does not require any android permissions.
    Tapping on the widget will launch the application.

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