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    This is the most straightforward Habit tracker and reminder App available for Android. There are no frills, but then you get simplicity in return. The focus is to help you exercise your good habits, or alternatively to help you avoid the bad ones. Simply enter each habit, how many times per day, or how many days, and from that point on, the handy notification icon will be your guide.

    The App will display a notification in the Status Bar so long as you have any habits due to be done Today. When you are reminded by the notification icon, simply tap it, and you will see a dashboard that shows what remains to be done today. Once you've done all that is due today, the notification will not be shown until the next day, and so on. Note that you can check things off retroactively if you forget to do it on the same day.

    You can dismiss the notification by swiping it away from the list, and it will come back automatically next day, or the next time you enter more info about habits.

    No need to mess with widgets, complicated to-do lists, calendars and alarms. Focus on the now, on today, do what you need to do and just watch out for the handy notification.

    The App uses Jerry Seinfeld's "don't break the chain" idea: you can see a streak (or a chain) number of repeats for each habit. Each habit's streak is a nice motivator to keep it going, but things happen and you might break a streak. No worries, don't beat yourself up, start again and keep at it.

    Eventually, some habits become so ingrained in your routine that you can remove it from this app and just do them without having to track them. That's in fact the ultimate goal of this app, and we hope it will be useful on your way there.

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    Thank you and Good luck!

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