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    Most peoples fail to see that they could be the next victim of fire, burglary, violence, etc. The fact is none of us is safe from fire, crime, carbon monoxide poison, etc. Health is a great example to use, which can help you see that no one is exceptional to the rules of life. No matter how healthy a person is, one day he will die, or fall ill.

    The facts must hit you in the face before you can see that home security is important, since you could be the next victim. Nowadays, the world revolves around surviving. Each day a home is threatened by burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, terrorism, violence, crimes, etc. At any given moment, reality could make you the next victim.

    In the face of danger, you must learn to follow rules. The rules state that if your home is in danger, the first thing you must do is dial 911. But, when do you dial 911. Where do you dial 911? We must find answers to those questions before we can follow the rules.

    All day long, you will read information informing you about home security systems. Each article you read tells you what you get for the price, and how the system can help save your life. What authors do not tell you is that the world is filled with many issues, that not one single home security system can provide you the protection you'll need to survive.

    What I'm going to tell you will help you decide on your home security system that benefits to, as well as steps you will need to take to protect your home, car, computer, etc.

    In life, issues surround us each day, including racism and ethnic inequality. We survive in a world based on low morals, standards, etc. The standards nowadays have forced people to reflect on what they see on television, or hear on radios. In society, we still struggle with sex discrimination around the world. Daily our children fight peer pressure, while we as adults fight peer pressure in other forms. Sports alone have put us in a competitive world, whereas it seems that everyone is striving to be better than the other is. We suffer from poverty, wage gaps, sexual harassment, and gender division in paid sectors, age discrimination, social inequality, death, health failure, and more.

    In addition, we live in a world filled with violence, pornography, and deficiencies in parental rights, marital rights, Medicare discrimination, victimization, hate crimes, wars, drugs, alcoholism, etc. Each is issues causing problems, which is diminishing our survival. Due to the ongoing problems, we have higher crime rates, wars, etc. Moreover, guess what the roots add up to: money, power, and control!

    We can discuss television alone to see that home security systems, no matter how advanced technology has come, it rarely is enough. One thing people tend to do is to ignore reality. Reality will always come back to slap them in the face however.

    Did you know that the average criminal based person would study crime, forensic science, etc, to choose an alternate that will not get him/her caught? This means that criminals will also study home security systems to find a way to get past the device.

    One of the largest crimes in the world is property crimes. The crime statistics do not surpass other types of crimes; however, property crime is one of the leading problems we face today. Property crime is defined when someone takes property or money from someone without force, and/or threatens to force/destroy their property.

    Property crime also stretches to larceny, vehicle theft, arson, theft, etc. When someone breaks into your home by force, this is called break and entering.

    Basically, this is just an introduction to let you know about why home security is important on our daily living and in this ebook, I'll show you all you need to know and what type of home security, devices and accessories to make a perfect home security protection system for your home.

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