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    This is a set of tutorial videos, not the iMovie software!

    Learn how iMovie '11 will make your video projects look like a Hollywood A-List production.

    iMovie '11 is the flagship software of Apple's iLife suite of applications. Using iMovie '11, you can quickly and efficiently edit, effect, and output your video productions ... all on your Apple Computer!

    Produced by Star Trainer Francesco Schiavon, this comprehensive, 6.5-hour tutorial takes you through all of the major features of iMovie '11. You'll learn key video editing skills like capturing and adding video to your iMovie project, editing clips to make a complete video, color correcting poorly shot video, working with transitions and effects, and a whole lot more.

    In fact, there's even detailed sections on advanced video editing topics like HD video editing, advanced audio features, and even green screening! You'll also learn fun skills like adding GPS and animated Maps to your projects, stabilizing shaky video, adding title sequences and credits, and more.

    Table of contents:

    01. Intro to the iMovie Course
    02. Capturing with Firewire
    03. Where Do Captures Go?
    04. Capturing with an iSight
    05. iSight Capture Sizes
    06. Capturing Live with a Firewire Camera
    07. iMovie Supported Cameras
    08. Importing QuickTime Movies
    09. Importing from a Tapeless Camera
    10. 1080i vs 960x540
    11. Creating a Camera Archive
    12. Importing from a Camera Archive
    13. Importing and Sharing to an External Drive
    14. Organizing the Event Library
    15. Accessing iPhoto Videos
    16. Full Screen Library Browser
    17. Splitting Events
    18. Merging Events
    19. Adjusting the Date and Time of a Clip
    20. Marking Favorite Clips
    21. Marking Reject Clips
    22. Tagging Clips with Keywords
    23. Finding Clips with Keywords
    24. Auto-Applying Keywords to Clips
    25. Applying Multiple Keywords
    26. Using the Advanced Tools
    27. Deleting Clips
    28. Using the Space Saver
    29. The iMovie Workflow
    30. Setting Up Your iMovie Workspace
    31. Setting the Project Properties
    32. Where do Projects Get Saved?
    33. Browsing the Project Library
    34. Selecting Clips
    35. Selecting Multiple Clips
    36. Adding Clips to Your Project
    37. Rearranging Clips
    38. Removing Clips
    39. Splitting Clips
    40. Fine Tuning the Beginning/End of a Clip
    41. Using the Clip Trimmer
    42. Trimming to the Playhead
    43. Trimming to a Selection
    44. Trimming Frame by Frame
    45. Intro to the Precision Editor
    46. Navigating around the Precision Editor
    47. Using the Precision Editor
    48. Replacing Clips
    49. Inserting within Existing Clips
    50. Enabling Advanced Drag and Drop Editing
    51. Advanced Replacement
    52. Cutaways
    53. Picture in Picture
    54. Trimming Cutaways and PiP
    55. Cutaway Fades and Opacity
    56. PiP Controls
    57. Green Screen Removal
    58. Green Screen with a Crop
    59. Using Green Screen Example
    60. Creating Animated Maps
    61. Changing Map Locations
    62. Changing Map Style and Time
    63. Multiple Stop Maps
    64. Animated Map Example
    65. Adding Video Effects
    66. Intro to Video Adjustments
    67. Color Correction via Video Adjustments
    68. Applying Video Adjustments to Multiple Clips
    69. Removing Clips Adjustments from Multiple Clips
    70. Slow/Fast Motion and Reversing Clips
    71. Stabilizing Shaky Video
    72. When to Analyze Clips for Stabilization
    73. Understanding Stabilization
    74. Adding Transitions
    75. Adjusting Transitions
    76. Working with Transitions
    77. First and Last Transitions
    78. Setting a Theme for a Project
    79. Adding Theme Transitions
    80. Editing Theme Transitions
    81. Disabling Automatic Transitions
    82. Adding Transitions from other Themes
    83. Setting Theme and Transitions for New Projects
    84. Adding Titles
    85. Editing Title Text
    86. Changing Title Timing
    87. Editing Title Fades
    88. Replacing Title Styles
    89. Making Your Own Font Styles
    90. Editing Title Properties
    and more .....

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