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    **Lite version of the app: does not support negative filters or advanced filter mode. Also, email check frequency is limited: the lowest possible check time is every 5 minutes (the full version supports down to 1 minute). **

    Who says silent mode has to be all or nothing?

    Why can't your phone's silent mode be smart enough to silence everything you don't want to hear but still alert you to things you need to?

    It's time to take control: Incoming Message Alert is like having your own personal assistant - You can silence your phone with confidence knowing that you will still get notified of any important or urgent communications.

    At its core Incoming Message Alert is an incredibly powerful yet simple message filtering program. You select certain incoming communications, such as texts, emails or phone calls, and then setup "filters" to apply to them - for example communications from particular contacts or phone numbers, or certain words in an email's subject or body. If the filter matches, an alert will be triggered: you can choose to be notified by an audible alarm or simply by the vibration of your phone.

    Filters can be:
    - simple (a list of things to look for)
    - complex (advance mode allows for creating and/or relationships, e.g. From this contact AND with this subject);
    - positive (message must contain "this")
    - negative (but the message must not contain "that").

    Combining all these elements you can create incredibly fine tuned parameters to trigger an alert.

    The uses for this are endless: Silence your phone at night but have an audio alarm wake you up for that important email, text, or call. Sit in a movie, concert, or play and only have your phone vibrate for emergency communications. Put your phone away at work but have it alarm if your children call. The only limit is your creativity!

    Here is what the program does:

    - Choose what to filter: texts, phone calls, or email accounts (or all three)

    - Filter incoming messages on different fields: From, Subject, Body, or messages from a particular Contact.

    - Create schedules so filters only apply at certain times of the day

    - Positive and negative filters: All messages containing some particular content, but not those containing other content.

    (For example, all messages coming from "John", but not those with "Project X" in the subject)

    - Advanced filter mode allowing for multiple condition filters: Now you can chain filters together with And/Or logic to create powerful groupings of tests on multiple fields. NOTE: Advanced Filter mode must be enabled in the settings screen.

    (For example, all messages from "John" AND that also have a subject of "Project X" OR all messages from "George")

    - Designed and coded with a minimalist philosophy: do the most work with the least impact on device resources. You have control over the frequency emails are checked (if at all) and routines are optimized to be as efficient as possible.

    - Security and privacy are important: here is an explanation of the permissions required by the application:

    (RECEIVE_SMS) Your Messages: needed to filter the text of incoming SMS messages

    (INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE) Network Communication: needed to access email messages

    (READ_CONTACTS) Personal Information: needed to determine if the incoming text/call/or email is from a particular contact you select

    (READ_PHONE_STATE) Phone Calls: needed to filter incoming calls

    (WAKE_LOCK) System Tools: needed to prevent the phone from sleeping while we filter new messages

    (VIBRATE) Hardware Controls: needed to make the phone vibrate

    (GET_ACCOUNTS) Your Accounts: needed to list the email accounts available for you to check

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