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    IntelliCover turns the screen off automatically when you put your device in your pocket or leave it face down.

    • Ease of use
    • Fully customizable
    • Accuracy
    • Design

    "Face down, hands up!"

    Battery is a concern on mobile devices. That's a fact no one can deny. There are tools though to manage it more efficiently. IntelliCover is one of them which focuses on the thing that most battery drains on smartphone and tablets: display light.

    IntelliCover performs a basic action: it uses proximity sensor, light sensor and accelerometer to turn the screen on and off, depending on the state of the mobile device. Thus, when you put it in your pocket or face down, the light sensor detects you aren't using it, so it turns off the screen. When you take it back, the screen automatically turns on. Sounds good, isn't it?

    Well, it gets better: IntelliCover is fully customizable. After calibration, you can set almost everything you may need to perform your way the actions described above. Thus, you can set screen on/off delay, sleep timers, shake sensitivity and light sensitivity. The latter is due to you can set "Primary Modes" as to automatically turn on/off display: proximity mode (proximity sensor), shake mode (accelerometer), light mode (light sensor) and proximity and light combo mode. There are many other parameters you can set though such as use those modes to turn on/off auirplane mode, auto sync, bluetooth, and many others.

    In a nutshell, IntelliCover is an app that adds a useful new functionality to your Android which can help you save time and battery. Recommended.

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    IntelliCover is a utility which uses your device’s proximity sensor to control its display and allow fast and efficient access to your phone or tablet.

    It turns the screen turns off automatically when you put your device in your pockets, close its flip cover, store the device in a bag, or even just leave the device facing down on a table. As soon as the device is back in your hand the proximity sensor is triggered again, the screen turns back on and your phone is instantly ready for use.

    This improves productivity immensely on large phones or phones that do not have physical hardware buttons.

    IntelliCover is more feature-filled than any other similar application on the market. And the best part? It's FREE!


    NOTE: TO UNINSTALL: Please use the button inside the app to uninstall. Alternatively, manually remove the app from system administrator in your phone's settings and then uninstall like any other app.

    *** Features ***

    Calibration:- Screen On Delay, Screen Off Delay

    Application Settings:- App Foregrounded, Automatic Unlock, Disable in Landscape Mode, Go to Home Screen on Screen On, Remove Lock Screen Completely, Screen Off Only, Screen On Only, Start on Device Boot

    Notifications:-Proximity Warning (Vibration), Show Status Bar Notification

    Screen On and Off Actions:-
    Airplane Mode, Auto Sync, Bluetooth, Haptic Feedback, Ringer Mode, Wi-fi

    A widget is also included for easy access!

    *** Frequently Asked Questions ***

    Q) Is it really free? Where are the ads?
    Ans) IntelliCover is completely free and has no ads whatsoever!

    Q) Do I require a rooted device to use IntelliCover?
    Ans) Nope. IntelliCover works on all supported phones and tablets, rooted or unrooted.

    Q) Doesn’t using the proximity sensor consume a lot of battery?
    Ans) Actually, the proximity sensor consumes minimal power, almost little enough to be insignificant.

    Q) Why doesn't it work with my dark colored cover?
    Ans) Sorry, this is a problem with hardware, not with the app, so I can't fix that. Only thing I can tell you is that you're not alone. Pretty much all proximity sensors have trouble with dark colors.

    *** Contact ***

    Feel free to contact me at with any issues, bug reports, feature requests, suggestions or queries. Please read the FAQ above before sending an e-mail to avoid redundancy.

    TRANSLATION:- If anyone is willing to help me translate the application into their own language, I will add the language to the app.

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