inventory count

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    This is an easy use data collection software, you no longer need to buy expensive PDA terminal for simple inventory work. Using the Android mobile devices as data collection, you can match a Bluetooth barcode scanner to input your item barcodes to store in the Android devices. Annex collect data files you can select a text file format or Excel formats files also can export through the e mail account. Inventory data maintenance: addition, correction, and deletion of blood sugar data are available.

    -Great user-interface
    -Scan directly to barcode for stock item
    -Shorten stock taking process
    -Data transmission with e-mail
    -Export a text file of your stock count data if you need a delimited text file to load into another program.
    -Export as CSV file
    -Export as XML file
    -Maintenance: edit(p/no,qty,price) and deletion of stock count data are available.
    -Android-base computer tablets or phone connect to barcode scanner with bluetooth interface
    -System Requirements Android 4.1.2 or later
    -Android 6.0 After that, the user must set the usage permissions