Japan Nuke Zone SAFETY + GPS




    1.2 mb app / uses internet to calculate distances.

    Measure the exact distance to any nuclear site listed within the app in seconds. Read meteorology information for jetstream direction and fallout intel. Have the application speak your exact location even though nothing is left standing to identify where you are as well as display your address on the main screen.
    Relative to the japan earthquake that caused a tsunami injuring the nuclear sites and causing a nuclear incident.

    This application has many resources in it including complete integration with Google's BUZZ, RADIATION MAPS, DISTANCE MAPS, CRISIS DATA, REVIEWS, NAVIGATION, and many other features.
    Enabling Ground Support with the Following VIA ANDROID DEVICE:

    1) MAPS of Nuclear Sites
    2) Distance from any Nuclear Site
    3) MAPS to shelters
    4) MAPS to Red Cross
    5) MAPS relating Live Google Data
    6) Links to Live Japan Crisis Data
    7) Add/Search People to Google Lost List
    8) Radiation Maps and other resources
    9) Maps to all nuclear facilities
    10) Maps / Distance to most tsunami affected Japanese cities
    11) Maps to Hotels
    12) Maps to Hospitals
    13) Maps to Airports
    14) Information for Ground Support

    Based on the the region from Tokyo north mainly but interacts locally anywhere you are.

    Your GPS position initially is needed. Click map fix if maps give issues.

    Don't be blind while on the ground in Japan assisting in rescue. This app is an up to date LIVE interactive Google resources application for rescue and relief workers in Japan.

    This is an app I wrote to assist and aid in the location of different things for rescuers in Japan and released on March 15, 2011...4 days in the wake of this terrible tragedy.

    I hope this helps out on the ground in Japan.

    God Bless.

    Author: Aaron @ Surina ,., org

    Donations via paypal to

    Email anything that would be handy to have in your pocket in this app using the feedback button. I'll add and update the app for you.

    Put the app together Tuesday, March 15, 2011 in Portland, Oregon Area.

    Added Weather Trends, Fixed Disaster Maps, Updated Google Crisis Data sites. Tested Minor bugs and patched all of them. This app is in full operation.

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