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    This app is a workaround for a bug introduced by Google at Android 4.1 (Codename: JellyBean). This bug will only affect you if you install my app from the Google Play Store and if you want to use CalendarSync to create custom calendars.

    Please also install it when you are using Android 4.4, else Android, so also this is an bug in Android, will delete your Calendars when you update the app.

    Please note that this issue also affects you if you are using a SAMSUNG device even if you have installed a more recent Android version then 4.1. So far SAMSUNG is the only known vendor which did not integrate Googles patches for this issue so that also all up to date SAMSUNG original roms are affected by this. So please install this workaround app also on current SAMSUNG devices.

    If you are using Android 4.1 together with payed apps the bug mentioned above will automatically delete the user created calendars during the next startup. This is NOT a bug of CalendarSync itself and it affects all payed apps at the PlayStore. More details can be found here:

    Installing this app is a workaround (to apply the workaround you have to start this app at least once) because it is a free app which will not be affected by the problem and which then will provide the necessary account details for calendar creation so that you can create calendars with the main app CalendarSync without any issues.Please ensure that the app will not the uninstalled and that the app along with CalendarSync itself are installed at the internal device storage (not at the external SD card).

    The purpose of this app is only to create the necessary accounts and to prevent the bug mentioned above. There is no other feature available here! You only will need this app if you are using CalendarSync together with JellyBean.

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