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    Smart phone and tablet technology is rapidly growing. The use of these devices can dramatically improve your efficiency. Some the new capabilities that are being introduced by the smart phones are

    - GPS and driving directions for the jobs assigned to the technicians.
    - Electronic signature capture.
    - Electronic Exception reports.
    - Photos available directly on the phone.
    - Documents like manuals available in the field.

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    Some scenarios that we can see that will help your company are as follows:

    Signature capture and photo capture in the field can help reduce time by being able to to process orders n the field without having to come back to the office and complete all the paperwork. If the calls were made the night before using the new website, suppliers could knock out the 24-hour calls in a matter of minutes, all of the order information is available on the order form. The next day services are provided

    Be able to identify when techs arrive on site and jobs are completed. This not only helps JE Kelleher, but this information can be used by your home office operations to determine when the jobs are completed.

    Technicians in the field
    With electronic signature capture and Exception sheets available on smart phone and tablet devices, there will be no more need for faxing or scanning paperwork. Even photos can be obtained right from the order using the device's built in camera for updating destination suppliers, or capturing information to resolve claim disputes.

    Need to get a technician information on how to set a piece of exercise equipment, locate the user guide online and upload the document to the order, and the document is available to the technicians smart phone or table as soon as the upload is complete.

    Accounting and Billing Functions
    When jobs are completed on the day of service, the job status turns yellow indicating that the order can be invoiced. Tie this together with the Smart phone and tablets apps, where the signatures can be captured in the field, the order can be invoiced without having to wait for the technician to come back to the office with the paperwork.

    Give us a call and talk with our IT Department to discover the possibilities...

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