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    This application will automatically redial phone numbers that you did not get through to. It will show you a list of unsuccessfully called numbers. Just click "Start" and JH Redial will start redialing those numbers.

    Delete incoming numbers from Call List
    Delete incoming names from Call List
    Can be customized according to your needs
    Can be stored on SD card
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    Examples of how you can use JH Redial:

    Example 1

    Imagine you are going home in your car and your mobile phone is connected to some kind of bluetooth headset or handsfree set. You call your wife to tell her that you are on your way but you cannot get through as she is probably on the phone with her best friend Jane.
    Now you DO want to get through to her but you definitely DO NOT want to dial her number every few minutes.

    This is where JH Redial comes into play. JH Redial 'sees' that you tried to phone your wife and did not get through. It shows you a list of all 'unsuccessful' calls you made that day (or the last 5 days, if you configure it to do so) and as soon as you press the 'Start' Button, it will start dialing the numbers on that list one after the other.
    Let us assume you only have your wife's number on your list. You press the 'Start' Button and your wife's number is dialed. Unfortunately she is still on the phone with Jane. So JH Redial will pause for a while (you can choose how long this pause will be) and then redial the number without you having to do anything. You can choose how often JH Redial will try to reach your wife before it will give up.

    Example 2

    Imagine you are the sales manager of a big company and you just came back from a meeting. Now you would like to catch up on all the phone calls you have to make. You have configured JH Redial to show a list of all the calls that you made and did not get through and additionally the incoming calls that you missed. Now you are in your 'phoning mood' and you press JH Redial's 'Start' Button.
    It will dial the first number on the list. Regardless of whether this call is successful (you get through) or not, JH Redial will then dial the next number on your list. Successfully called numbers will automatically disappear from the list, missed calls will automatically be added to the list. If someone you tried to call will call you back, his or her number will also automatically disappear from the list.

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