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    jVault is an application designed to store sensitive information on the Android smartphone and tablet devices. Passwords, bank account numbers, PINs, insurance cards, and other private data can readily be available at your fingertips. All data is stored using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) format (adopted by the US Government and now used worldwide). As such, your data is safe in the event of a lost phone handset.

    Multiple "wallets" can be created in jVault, each with "cards" of data grouped in individual categories. With jVault, you can easily recall important information on your Android device in an instant. A search feature is available allowing you to search all the cards for a specific text string, making it easy to find information among numerous cards.

    Cloud backup is available to backup and restore your data using your personal Dropbox online account. All data is encrypted, and stored in your personal Dropbox account (never stored on a 3rd party server).

    jVault is a well-established password manager and has been used by many smartphone users over the past several years. jVault started as a Palm WebOS app (winning the "Top Hot Apps" Award) before being ported to the Android platform.


    - Easy to use Interface
    - Ability to define multiple wallets
    - Categories can be defined in each wallet
    - Card field labels can be customized by the user
    - Several pre-defined field labels are available using templates
    - Data is secured using the AES Encryption Algorithm
    - A single master password protects all wallet data
    - Timed lockout due to inactivity
    - Searching feature
    - Fast operation
    - Random password generator feature
    - Web URLs, phone numbers, and email addresses are automatically converted to hyperlinks
    - Cloud Backup and Restore using your personal DropBox account
    - Custom template editor
    - Ability to copy text from data fields into the clipboard buffer
    - Export unencrypted data to a CSV file
    - Import data from a CSV file

    jVault is designed to run on the Android OS smartphone and tablet devices.

    The minimum Android OS level is 2.1, so it should run on Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and KitKat code-named OS versions.

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    ******** NEW! *********

    Vault Desktop (companion desktop application) is now available for the Windows and Mac OSX machines. It is currently FREE to all jVault Android users.

    jVD can be used to support jVault for Android, by allowing the entering and editing of password data directly on a PC or Mac, and then export and upload data to your Dropbox account for syncing with Android devices running the jVault app. See Cohosoft's web site for more details.

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