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KIDRON - Sofer stam

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    Kidron – Sofer stam

    Sofer stam is one of the most noble work in the Jewish world, that’s requires a lot of experience, patience and lots of "irat shamaim"

    There are many people who wish to enter this area therefore we have developed one of the most amazing applications which will help you to check the mezuzah and tefillin.

    You can also change the checking rate up to 10 seconds and actually use the application for writing a mezuzah or tefillin.

    Most of the problems of writing are missing and unnecessary letters, so the application goes letter by letter and so ensure a 100% success that no extra or missing letters are written.

    How does it works?
    It is very simple, you run the application, choose between mezuzah or tefillin, select "Parasha", click on the Start button, and the application starts to read the "Parasha" and go letter by letter and check that there are no missing or unnecessary letters. You can also read backwards, check tags, check the shape of the letters , and more ...

    We look forward to updates the application in the future to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

    It is very important to know that this amazing application can check 100% of extra or missing letters in a mezuzah or tefillin but there are other problems, such as written not regularly, problems in the shape of letters, etc.,

    so in addition to the application check we recommend you a deeper checking of the mezuzah and tefillin.

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