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    Your phone is missing. Lost. Gone. Not only have you lost your smart phone, you’ve lost your contacts, pictures, emails and all that important stuff stored on your device. *Poof* Disappeared.

    Or is it?

    30% of lost or misplaced smart phones have dead batteries. But Last Ditch Beacon can, even if your power is down to 10%.

    Using your phone's GPS, Last Ditch Beacon sends you an email or text with the last known location of your phone, even if you’re down on juice. And what does that email or text say?

    “Your battery is at 10%. Here’s the last known location of your phone in case you misplaced it:,-73.654242&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=45.485486,-73.654242&z=17

    • Never lose critical information again. With Last Ditch Beacon you’re never lost. Neither is your smart phone.

    • Last Ditch Beacon is 100%, totally free because JaredCo knows how important that stored data is to you. You don’t pay a penny for this must-have app.

    • And even though Last Ditch Beacon is FREE, JaredCo provides total support. Just drop us a line and we’ll hook you up solid.

    You know how important your phone is. It has your history and your connections stored on it so losing it, or leaving it behind, is a total disaster. A catastrophe, if you aren’t ready for it.

    With Last Ditch Beacon, JaredCo delivers the last known location of your smart phone so you can retrieve it before it dies for good and disappears forever.

    Stay safe. Stay secure. Stay in touch with your phone with Last Ditch Beacon. When you’re low on juice, and your can’t find your smart phone, Last Ditch Beacon points you in the right direction using GPS technology – no matter where you are.

    Order today. Download is a snap and you’ll sleep easy knowing that your phone is sending you a “FIND ME” message. Right now!

    It’s free. It’s simple. It’s automated. It’s a lifeline to your critical data.

    Last Ditch Beacon is designed, built and supported by your favorite app developer – JaredCo, so you know it’s good. Real good.

    Download now and always know where your smart phone is.

    That’s just plain smart thinking.

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