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    ** IN BETA TESTING** Please be patient. Thank You.

    LetsMARK simplifies how you connect with others more effectively and enhances your Rolodex to be more powerful.

    Social networking is becoming the norm for personal and professional happiness and success. LetsMARK allows you simplify how you connect by separating your personal from your professional profiles and all the social media that relates to each. You're only one person, but there is much more to you. A greater depth; Your MARK.

    LetsMARK gives you the power and ability to control who can access sensitive contact information; and in this day in age, that's what we want; To be in control.

    When you meet somebody for the first time, life is now simple; Send them your MARK.

    Decide the profiles you feel that person can access in their rolodex, depending on the situation at hand, it may be strictly professional, strictly personal or both.

    Tired of having a contact list that is old and obsolete and don't want to track somebody down using Facebook or LinkedIN?

    Now that you have a Rolodex that stores received MARKs, it is possible to enhance your Rolodex in ways that weren't possible before.

    Automatically organizes Rolodex by Name, Profession & Company find contacts much more efficient than anything seen before.

    More updates coming soon!

    Stay Tuned and we welcome your feedback.

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