Library allows you to browse BibTeX files on your Android device.

    Features include:

    * Clear presentation of BibTeX entries in a list
    * Search/Filter
    * Open associated local files (including file path conversion)
    * Open URL and DOI links
    * Minimal permissions
    * Can load library file from cloud storage via storage access provider (on Android 4.4 and newer)

    Library is free and open source! You can get the source code from github:

    git clone

    Use Case:

    I have a library of scientific papers on my PC. I use Mendeley to manage it, but any other software that exports to BibTeX, such as referencer, would also do the job. I keep the BibTeX file containing all the bibliographic information as well as the files (mostly pdf and djvu) in a version control repository (I have tried subversion and git). This I can clone/check out to my Android Tablet using OASVN or Pocket Git. Library then allows me to conveniently browse my scientific papers and view and annotate them in a pdf app. The modified files can then be pushed/committed to the repository for backup and synchronization.

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